100+ Common use cases of how intely 
automates your workflows & improve data integration!

Call them use cases, user scenarios, or user stories – Here are some ways of how intely can help you automate your healthcare workflows & improve interoperability.


Never have a "No Show" again when using intelyConnect. By automating your patients' appointment reminders, you can ensure that they are aware of the time, location, and provider that they have scheduled time with. By communicating via email, voice, or SMS, they will always be up to date on their appointment details.

Most Health Systems rely on so many disparate systems to care for patients that providers often aren't working with the complete 'picture' of their patients. Connect the tools leveraged in your health system with Cerner via intely's HL7 FHIR APIs. Give Healthcare workers the full picture of the patients they take care of.

Break down the data barriers found in healthcare through industry-standard data approaches that facilitate true, seamless interoperability. Intely utilizes HL7 FHIR Standard APIs to connect with most EMRs found in the healthcare market today. Give your clinicians the full picture of a patient and automate the workflows you need, no matter the system.

Reduce or eliminate the number of "No Shows" your health system sees through out-of-the-box workflows. Automate your Twilio Appointment Reminder communication to your patients using Intely's proven, standard workflow. Keep your communication channels open whether you are notifying via SMS, Voice, or Email.

Most Health Systems rely on so many disparate systems to care for patients that providers often aren't working with the complete 'picture' of their patients. Give your providers the information they need to provide accurate, quality care. IntelyConnect solves your interoperability needs for integrating the tools you leverage with your Epic system.

Too often, Health Systems have to rely on so many disparate systems that providers aren't always working with all of the information for a patient. Provide your clinicians with the information they need to accurately and effectively care for patients. Integrate your systems with your Athena EMR and solve the interoperability problems you face today with IntelyConnect.

Too often, Health Systems have to rely on so many disparate systems that providers aren't always working with all of the information for a patient. Provide your clinicians with the information they need to accurately and effectively care for patients. Integrate your systems with your Athena EMR and solve the interoperability problems you face today with IntelyConnect.

Stay on top of your patient's medication needs by automating your medication reminder alerts to your patients. By utilizing intelyConnect, you can automatically send medication reminders to your patients via email, voice call, or SMS. Never worry about patient medication reminders again through our schedule-based, standard automation.

Today's health systems are often relying on outdated processes and communication channels when it comes to patient billing reminders. With intelyConnect, you can automate the billing communication to your patient population via email, voice, or SMS. Let intelyConnect streamline your communication channels!

Want to put your workflows on autopilot but feel like your technologies aren't modern enough? By using intelyConnect you can automate workflows and patient data through standard HL7 messages (ADT/ORM/SCH/etc.)! Pull the appropriate data clinicians need to provide patients with quality care.

Put power behind your workflows by utilizing the connections between intelyForms and IntelyConnect! Let HIPAA-Compliant forms drive the workflows taking place in your health system while our FHIR APIs provide the data to wherever your clinicians need it. Put your workflows on autopilot today!

Give your registrars the efficiencies they need by allowing patients to pre-fill out their registration information. Allow patients to fill out the registration forms and have that information passed through to your EMR System. Using intelyForms integration with intelyConnect, capture patient data using HIPAA compliant forms and pass that into your database using APIs.

Every day there's more of a need for Hospitals and Clinics to have a communication channel to the communities they serve. Boost interactions and engagement with your patient population using intelyForms. Let our No Code Form Builder simplify and automate how you maintain your patient relationships.

Patient care and satisfaction start with the employees who care for them, meaning it's imperative to know how your staff is dealing with situations and events going on in your health system. Create employee survey forms to give your employees an open, anonymous feedback channel to you to know exactly how they're feeling by using intelyForms.

Most patients see multiple healthcare providers, many of which operate on disparate technology systems. This leads to one patient having their data stored in multiple platforms across multiple health systems. Put the data back into your patient's hands easily using IntelyConnect's standard FHIR API endpoints.

Never miss a prescription or refill again with intelyConnect's standard Medication Reminders workflow. Regardless of what health system your care provider is a part of, receive automatic medication reminders when it is time for your next refill. Stay on top of the medications you need with IntelyConnect.

Most people rely on multiple different healthcare facilities to provide them the care they need, all while many of the facilities don’t communicate with each other. By using intelyConnect, all your appointment reminders can drive to one place, regardless of what system a provider is using. Never miss an appointment when using Appointment Reminders through IntelyConnect.

Health systems face more and more data issues when providing patient care due to the need for multiple disparate systems to be utilized. Empower your care providers with all the data they need to provide accurate, quality care for their patients. Automate your workflows and make sure your care providers have the information they need.

Every day we implement new processes to make our company more efficient and effective, but we rarely get feedback from the people in the day-to-day on the new process before it's too late. By using intelyForms, you can get near real-time feedback from employees and drive their responses directly to you.

Health systems frequently struggle to survey patient satisfaction to gauge the quality of care received, often due to outdated survey tactics which are easily dismissable by the patient. By utilizing intelyForms, you can easily embed a survey into a patient's portal or during the discharge workflow. Keep the communication between you and your patients open.

The day-to-day workflows that many health systems have to utilize are often highly complex and nuanced. With these workflows comes a need for non-standard data integration but, many data integration options available may not truly solve the root issue. Instead, health systems often get out-of-the-box, partial solutions to the problems they face.

In today's healthcare landscape, hospitals and clinics rely on an average of 10 EHRs to care for the patient population that they serve. Often these EHRs struggle to communicate with each other, even in a minimal capacity. Empower your caregivers by automating the data they need into your Medhost system with IntelyConnect. Learn how you can automate your workflows today!

In today's data-driven world, it's vital to have all the applicable data when making decisions. Care providers rely on the available data to care for their patients but, that data can live in multiple EHRs. With different pieces of data housed in so many systems, care providers are often not working with the complete 'picture' for their patients.

Now more than ever, health systems are focusing on their patient populations to ensure that the care they receive leads to overall satisfaction. The feedback channels between care providers and patients are critical for maintaining your patient population and guaranteeing your patient's satisfaction.

Front office registrars deal with massive amounts of excess paper due to various forms and information needed by the patient. Often the registration forms given to patients are used to capture the data and then manually entered into the registration system by the front office staff.

Chasing down overdue medical bills can be expensive. Patients can often forget when their medical bills are due, leading to higher costs to collect for the health systems that serve them. IntelyConnect offers standard, repeatable workflows that can automate the communication about billing reminders to your patients.

It's helpful to have enterprise healthcare data in a single location. Snowflake's cloud data solutions provide the answer. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to extract data from multiple healthcare systems of record, transform it into a standard format, and load it into your data warehouse or data lake solution.

Snowflake's data warehouse is a great solution to manage enterprise healthcare data across your organization. Often it can be difficult and time-consuming to unload the data and populate your health records in the various EMR's and Digital Health solutions employed across the healthcare system.

Scheduling an appointment can be more difficult than it needs to be for everyone involved. Today's technology landscape requires integration with more solutions but, even with the increase of integrations, still requires manual intervention and real-time interfacing between individuals. Eliminate both of these problems today!

Collecting medical and health visit copays is a headache. Between expensive credit card hardware and processing and cash (yuck!), both the registrars and patients are likely burdened by the process. It's also likely that there is some leakage and missed revenue. Let's eliminate that today by utilizing the payment module with IntelyForms.

Getting started is the hard part, but accepting and collecting payments can be a hurdle in itself. Without expansive technical knowledge getting the payment modules to your customers for various billing scenarios can be a burden. Collect payments wherever you do business with IntleyForms!

IntelyForms isn't just for healthcare, and your events don't suck. People want to attend them. They just don't know the details about them. Build an easy event registration form to send to recipients you would like to attend. IntelyForms will consolidate all of the responses so you can plan accordingly and focus on planning the event.

In today's world, keeping people safe and protected from COVID-19 is a top priority for most. While events are still happening and in-person interfacing or gathering is required, it is generally advisable to screen for COVID-19 symptoms. IntelyForms grants you the ability to create a COVID-19 self-screening assessment.

Mental Health is an essential aspect of wellbeing, but it's often forgotten or overlooked. It is not easy to screen patients often enough or with enough investigation. IntelyForms provides the solution to screening and helping your patient's mental health needs.

Telehealth plays a vital role in facilitating patients' accessibility to healthcare. Throughout COVID-19, Telehealth has increased its stake in provider visit workflows. Telehealth is a complicated workflow with multiple data streams and integrations. Providing an easy way for patients to register for a telehealth visit is one way to reduce the complexity.

Data collection is easy to execute when you have direct access to the data source but quickly becomes a difficult task when that data is coming from external sources. Gathering data from external sources can become a challenge due to collecting data over the phone or even verbally.

Gathering consent to release medical records or share information is a hassle. Successfully gathering patient consent is only the first part of the struggle. You then have to keep a record of the granted consent. IntelyForms provides a solution to automate consent requests and track responses.

Patient CRM has gained a significant amount of traction over the past two years. COVID-19 has forced virtual yet closer and tighter interaction between patients and healthcare providers. It has become increasingly important to get constant feedback about patients' medical well-being in this environment. IntelyForms provides the solution.

Patients should own their data. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many solutions and products are coming to market to put the data back into the hands of the patient. Developing these applications is not easy. Patient data lives in many locations and requires multiple requests to fetch a complete picture.

When developing an application that uses HL7 FHIR APIs, it's nice to have a Client-Server to test your application. Many of the options EHRs/EMRs provide are incomplete implementations of FHIR or contain data insufficient for testing. Intely is happy to offer a mock server with a complete implementation of FHIR for you to test your application.

Providers rely on accurate patient data and medical history. When developing a provider or patient application, it's essential to have a solid pipeline to connect Medicare beneficiaries with their past medical history and data. The IntelyConnect platform abstracts claim data, provider data, and health plan data for applications that serve Medicare patients.

CMS requires health plans to share their former member's data for five years. IntelyConnect prebuilds connectors at the patient level so that the data can be standardized. Forget connecting to different endpoints for every payer. Use intelyConnect to get your Blue Cross Blue Shield member data without headaches and costs.

CMS requires health plans to share their former member's data for five years. IntelyConnect prebuilds connectors at the patient level so that the data can be standardized. Forget connecting to different endpoints for every payer. Use intelyConnect to get your United Healthcare member data without headaches and costs.

CMS requires health plans to share their former member's data for five years. IntelyConnect prebuilds connectors at the patient level so that the data can be standardized. Forget connecting to different endpoints for every payer. Use intelyConnect to get your Humana member data without headaches and costs.

CMS requires health plans to share their former member's data for five years. IntelyConnect prebuilds connectors at the patient level so that the data can be standardized. Forget connecting to different endpoints for every payer. Use intelyConnect to get your Cigna member data without headaches and costs.

It's essential to communicate regularly with your patient population about important health matters and trends. IntelyForms allows you to gather emails to build and maintain your contact list or create content forms to disseminate important info quickly.

Workflows require data collection throughout healthcare, and there is always room to optimize or automate. Build HIPAA-compliant healthcare forms to collect the data you need safely. Customize and integrate the forms. Make them enjoyable to fill out so your patients stay healthy and your providers stay happy.

Donor Saftey Checks, Parental Consent Forms, and Medical History are just some of the forms required of a donor when giving blood. IntelyForms allows you to consolidate all requirements into a single form using conditional logic. Share the forms on your website or with a list of recipients and receive more donations!

The emergence of Mental Health applications provides new and vital tools to consumers. Mental Health also often sits outside of the typical patient and provider interactions. Communication between all sources of patient data is essential as healthcare works to advance overall wellbeing. IntelyConnect has pre-built connectors for Mental Health data and workflows.

Patient evaluations are essential for providers to gather data and improve care plans. IntelyForms grants providers the ability to send evaluations before, after, and between visits.

Women's Health applications are an important segment of specialty-based consumer health products. As virtual care and digital health strengthen, it's crucial to have the ability to access the data and facilitate workflows of Women's Health. IntelyConnect's standardized connections to EMRs and pre-built resources solve Women's Health specific data integration.

Telehealth has taken a foothold and changed how patients visit their healthcare providers. Robust telehealth solutions are often not included in the core infrastructure of the Electronic Medical Record system. IntelyConnect's Telehealth API provides the protocol to consolidate data from multiple sources and produce it for a Telehealth or Virtual Visit workflow.

Healthcare Financial Data has historically all been transferred in Electronic Data Interchange files. These files are complex and challenging to generate, parse, and ingest. As APIs continue to develop and gain traction in the healthcare space, providers and technology companies need to have a solution to send and retrieve claim data.

Reducing contact and time spent registering a patient is critical, especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. IntelyForms allows you to build beautiful custom forms that keep everyone safe and collect all the data necessary for a visit before the Point-of-Contact.

Allow your provider's new patients to register online before their healthcare visit with IntelyForms. With the simple step of moving new registrations into digital self-service, you can acquire new patients, eliminate manual data entry, improve visit time and increase patient satisfaction.

Collecting patients' perceived levels of pain and discomfort is a challenge. Tracking progression and improvement over time is also tricky with paper forms. With IntelyForms, you can build a fully digital, friendly questionnaire for your patients, follow the responses, and ensure progression in the right direction.

Healthcare providers are busy, and patients generally don't have a direct line to request their medications. With IntelyForm's you can create a simple, HIPAA-compliant patient medication request or refill form, place it directly on a website, or even schedule it out based on a medication schedule.

Gather the consent and authorization you need to collect payments for the services you provide. With intelyForms, you can collect credit card or bank account payment authorization via electronic signature and set up the one-time or recurring payment in the same form.

In healthcare, patient balances are often too high for a one-time payment, and it is necessary to accommodate a recurring payment plan. It's generally wise to write the terms and collect a signature from the balance guarantor. IntelyForms allows you to create a document that defines the payment terms and confirms agreement with electronic signatures.

Whatever your use case or workflow may be, you can now connect to 3,000+ apps through Zapier via the IntelyForms API. You can trigger a form workflow from a Zapier integration or send your form submissions and data to other solutions in your stack!

Connect your forms and track submission data with Google Sheets. Anytime your form receives a response, your Google Sheet will update in real-time. You own the data, and you don't even have to export it manually!

Build a form for bookings and create events in your Google Calendar. Anytime you receive a new or updated booking, IntelyForms creates or updates an event directly on your Google Calendar. Optimize your appointment bookings and never miss a meeting!

Build a form to capture leads and send them directly to your Salesforce CRM or use your Salesforce CRM records to send a form to a list of recipients. Relationship management is so critical in today's consumer and data-driven world. IntelyForms gets you connected with your audience and collects the data you need.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a primary tool emerging with the growth of Patient Engagement and CRM. Consolidating Health Data from multiple sources into Salesforce Health Cloud can be a struggle. IntelyConnect's pre-built connectors are the conduit between your EMRs and your Salesforce Health Cloud instance.

Build a form to capture leads and send them directly to your Hubspot CRM or use your Hubspot CRM records to send a form to a list of recipients. Relationship management is so critical in today's consumer and data-driven world. IntelyForms gets you connected with your audience and collects the data you need.

Mailchimp is a great tool to automate outbound communication with your audience. You can now use intelyForms directly with Mailchimp to manage and stay connected to your customers. Build a form to capture new leads and contacts and add to your mailing list or use your existing mailing list to trigger a form workflow.

One size fits all approach rarely works when it comes to relationship management. Make it personal and save time with intelyForms by building forms with conditional logic. Using responses to flex and create the form on the fly, you can tailor every workflow to your audience.

If you need a single page or popup form to automate a data collection or capture workflow, look no further. IntelyForms allows you to build a customized form with your branding, add a background and generate a unique URL. You can even copy a code snippet to embed the form, launch a popup or put it on an existing WordPress site!

As you're building your application or product for the healthcare market, you'll likely run into the issue of connecting to many healthcare data sources, distracting you from your core value proposition. IntelyConnect removes that burden by exposing one standard set of connectors for all healthcare systems of record and data sources.

Whether your workflow involves gaining user feedback, lead generation, announcements, events, or general marketing, IntelyForms has forms for you. Create the form with a drag and drop configuration, brand it, and share it with your audience and followers on your channel of choice. IntelyForms has integrated posting with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

IoT devices have become commonplace in health and wellness. They have also become a crucial component of remote patient monitoring. IoT devices can be an effective tool for providers; however, they are challenging to integrate with many electronic medical records. IntelyConnect has pre-built connectors for Electronic Medical Records and a FHIR data model.

Ask the questions that will help identify your ideal client and/or buyer personas. With #intelyforms you can collect the data that matters most to automate outreach and engagement.

Source the requests directly from your audience. With intelyForms, you can create a form for your user base to garner the feedback necessary to continue developing your product or solution.

A student registration form is used to help you collect relevant information about the people who sign up for your course at a certain institution. If you're not particularly adept in web designing, using an online resource like intelyForms can help streamline the process and make it less labor-intensive.

Use intelyForms to create a patient satisfaction survey form and collect patient feedback. This can help healthcare facilities find ways to improve treatment and care.

Before you begin designing a website, it’s important to understand what your client needs. Use intelyForms to make a website design questionnaire to help you and your client define what you are going for with the website. This will ensure that there are no discrepancies later on in the process.

A client intake form provides a necessary outline of the information you require from a potential customer (or client). intelyForms allows you to create these forms in minutes! On top of what your form may be collecting, these forms also provide an in-depth look at who exactly this person or company is, and what it is they may require.

Forms are one of the most common ways to interact with a website. The first thing users do when they see a form is to estimate how long it will take to fill out in full. They do this by scanning the form, and the more complex it appears, the more likely users are to abandon the process.

Digital technology in the healthcare industry has seen an uprise since the spread of digital health and medical devices. However, the rising demand for such technology coincides with the need to bridge gaps in care delivery systems. It is no surprise, then, that intelyConnect is fulfilling a substantial role in improving access to high-quality patient-centered care.

Integrating payment collection in a customer workflow is often a bottleneck. With IntelyForms you can secure payment directly through your custom designed form.

Standardizing how you collect data from your customers is difficult. IntelyForms makes this process simple through organizational branding and themes. You can make professional forms your own and ensure consistent branding in outreach and engagement workflows.

Across an enterprise, consolidating data collecting from your consumer population is tough. IntelyForms prevents the creation of disparate data by centralizing submissions in workspaces - a collaboration suite for the teams in your organization – unlocking new insight.

Webinars are an effective way to connect with your audience and generate engagement. With IntelyForms, you can create a webinar registration form to capture attendees' information and share the link on your website, social media accounts, or physically with a QR code.

Employment application data can be tedious to manage. With intelyForms, it is easy to collect and organize valuable data. You can easily create a form for prospective applicants and connect the submissions to Google Sheets.

Online interviews for the preliminary or first stage of the employment process are becoming increasingly prevalent. You can create an online interview questionnaire with intelyForms and customize it according to your requirements. The form can be embedded on your website or shared via a URL link with your audience.

A business loan application requires many fields that may include personal & business-related information – these need to be secure. With intelyForms simple steps of creating a form, you can acquire applicants’ information and improve processing time and customer satisfaction quickly & securely.

Managing a population of patients requires large and complete data sets that originate in many different source systems. IntelyConnect's healthcare integration platform allows easy consolidation of healthcare data from multiple sources to data warehouses and intelligence tools.

Personal Health Records are generally scattered in many different systems and healthcare providers, making it difficult to retrieve data and create a comprehensive record. With intelyConnect's API, patients can authorize retrieval of their health records through our FHIR API platform and workflows.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare. Very few decision support or AI assist tools are embedded directly in the provider workflow. IntelyConnect can provide the link by retrieving relevant data for the AI/ML solution and pushing critical insights back to the patient chart.

Many individuals and small businesses need a solution outside their business website to sell products and services. With IntelyForms, you can create a form to list your products and services, including pictures, prices, links, descriptions, and even collect payments.

It's challenging to keep the engagement of a user or customer filling out a form for your business. If you have a current form online, that is performing poorly, no need to worry. With IntelyForms, you can track your user behavior through Google Analytics to provide insight into engagement and drop-off rates. IntelyForms is easy to use and configure.

Waitlists are a great way to create a virtual line that engages customers. With IntelyForms, creating a simple customer info entry form is easy. The submissions will populate a waitlist to keep your staff informed and your audience content. You can even personalize it with custom email and text notifications.

Collecting data is only half the battle. After a form is completed and submitted, the user entries often need to be reviewed by a team. IntelyForms Submissions alerts you when you have received a newly submitted form and creates a simple review worklist for you or your team, preventing duplicate work, saving you time, and increasing efficiency.

Build a form to capture leads and send them directly to your Zoho CRM or use your Zoho CRM records to send a form to a list of recipients. Relationship management is so critical in today's consumer and data-driven world. IntelyForms gets you connected with your audience and collects the data you need.

Build a form and publish it on your website to capture technical and customer service issues and send them directly to Salesforce, Zoho, Google Sheets, or 100+ other solutions for case management using our Zapier integration. Quickly addressing and resolving customer-related issues is critical.

Referrals are a common sticking point in healthcare workflows. Intely increases referral availability by providing a data entry form for referring physicians and integrating it directly with your EMR, increasing referral appointments and growing practice revenue.

Customer engagement needs a personal touch and intelligent logic to capture the correct data for each user. Try to collect it all with no conditional logic, and you are likely to overwhelm the individual completing the form. With Intelyforms Conditional Logic rules engine, you can build a form that will flex questions based on user responses, allowing you to collect the correct data and reduce the burden on your audience.

Never go into a conversation with a prospective customer blind. If you are meeting a client for business, it's advisable to qualify them and gain some insight. IntelyForms has pre-built templates that a customizable to use in your lead and customer qualification process.

As a provider, it is helpful to have information on the patient and the reason for the visit before the appointment to improve the patient's experience and increase the quality of care. IntelyForms has pre-built templates that are customizable to use for pre-visit patient questionnaires.

Many EMRs/EHRs still rely on HL7 event-based architecture, and cloud-based healthcare technology solutions rely on APIs. These applications need an easy way to convert HL7 message data into an API structure for their workflows. IntelyConnect allows integration with a single API endpoint for Digital Health applications and handles the conversion & routing of HL7 messages with the source system of record.

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