How To Not Fall Victim To The Healthcare Scheduling Trap

You can solve the patient scheduling problems in healthcare with the right toolkit.

Scheduling in healthcare

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When setup correctly, patient appointment scheduling benefits providers and improves access to care.


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The overall problems with patient appointment scheduling and the impact of timing.

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How to implement a successful, integrated self-scheduling solution at your organization or practice.

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Key factors that improve access to care and patient outcomes.

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Improving a patient’s access to care and their provider through self-scheduling provides a better experience, can drastically improve outcomes, and even save lives.

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67% of patients prefer online booking

68% of patients say they are more likely to choose a provider that offers online booking and appointment management.


The average increase
in revenue when
using online booking systems.

What does a new solution mean for my patients’ experiences?


The annual cost from missed medical appointments.


The annual cost from missed medical appointments.