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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of integration does intely support?

Intely supports integration between EMRs, healthcare and digital health apps, cloud solutions, and data warehouses. Intely is EMR and system agnostic, meaning we can integrate with any application.

How are your services deployed?

Intely is a cloud-hosted application. We employ enterprise-grade security to protect health data and have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance.

What data sources can you support?

intely can support a variety of data protocols and standards, including HL7 v2, FHIR, JSON or RESTful APIs, and flat or delimited files.

Does intely have an API?

Yes. Intely has a robust and flexible API that supports external application integration with the platform. Most customers use the Intely API to connect to integrate their applications.

If I don't have an API, can I still use Intely?

Yes. Many customers use TCP/IP, network connections, or SFTP. We also offer standard connections to cloud environments such as AWS S3 and Healthlake.

Does intely support file integration and batch processing?

Yes. Intely supports delimited file integration (CSV, Text) and scheduled batch processing.

Is there an intely Sandbox I can use for testing and demos?

Intely will provision a testing environment for use as part of our Alliance Partnership Program. We also align you with an integration expert who will consult and design your solution with you.

When is the right time to engage Intely for integration?

Intely’s Alliance Partner and Integration Engine Plus Program supports the entire lifecycle of healthcare integration, from inception to ongoing maintenance. Our team engages when you identify an integration or interoperability requirement. We engage with you to work with the client and vendor systems and help design the connection.

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