Your Healthcare Integration Alliance Partner

Accelerate your journey to market and scale your product with seamless healthcare data integration

Bring Healthcare Products to Life

Introducing a healthcare product and service requires seamless integration and data exchange with existing and legacy customer systems.

With Intely, step into a world where data integration is seamless and swift. We designed our platform to help you launch and deploy healthcare products more rapidly, ensuring they flawlessly sync with client applications.

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What is Intely’s Alliance Partner Program?

Our Alliance Partner program intends to help new and existing technology products build out scalable and sustainable integration capabilities in an economically efficient way.


Intely works directly with your team to understand your product or client integration requirements and design workflows for success.


Whether you are implementing integration with your clients or inside of your organization, the Intely team supports and trains your team throughout the process.


After implementation, Intely scales with the pace and growth of your business. With a single hub for integration and interfaces – we’ll create a repeatable process where designing and building new integrations is a breeze.

Drastically Reduces

The Complexity of Integration

One API Connection

Open API Connection for All Client and EMR Integrations

Simplify Integration Processes

Experience the ease of integrating all client and EMR systems with a single API connection. This streamlined approach reduces complexity, saving time and resources, and letting you focus on patient care.

Pre-built Connections to Customer Systems

Effortless Compatibility with Many Systems

Our platform offers ready-to-use connections for various customer systems, supporting multiple data standards. This ensures swift and flexible integration, enhancing data exchange and interoperability.

healthcare workflow automation

Bring new products to market more quickly with fully integrated data flow

Grow existing product footprint with enhanced integration capabilities

Native Tools for Data Mapping, Conversion, and Transformation

Structure Your Data Efficiently

Handle diverse healthcare data formats effortlessly with our intuitive mapping, conversion, and transformation tools. These native features give you full control and enable you to easily standardize and utilize your data exactly how you need to.

How Healthcare Technology Uses Intely

patient data

Receiving Patient Data from Client Systems

Setup event based notifications with client systems to receive relevant demographic, clinical and financial information to your application.


Query Patient Records and EMR Systems

Make on-demand requests to client systems directly from your application to fetch patient and clinical data and ensure comprehensive and complete records.

send info

Send Information Back to Client Systems

Create satisfied and amazed customers by writing back data and updates from your application directly to your clients healthcare systems & solutions.

patient scheduling

Patient Scheduling
& Registration

Optimize and integrate patient scheduling and intake solutions to create a seamless patient and provider experience that lowers costs and improves efficiency.

care coordination

Care Coordination
& Management

Eliminate technology bottlenecks and data silos in the care delivery process with comprehensive data exchange and integrated communication.

virtual care

Virtual Care, Telehealth & RPM

Enable alternative care settings with applications and an integrated experience that ensures comprehensive patient records and communication.

Intely healthcare technology

Having a flexible and easy-to-integrate product is one of the most effective ways to increase the adoption of your healthcare application.

Secure to the Core

In the world of healthcare data, security is not just a feature—it’s a necessity. At Intely, security and privacy are purposely built into our platform. We understand the sensitive nature of healthcare data and are deeply committed to ensuring the highest levels of data protection and understanding the sensitive nature of healthcare information.

Intely is HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant and is regularly tested and audited by an independent party. We ensure full data encryption and backup data.


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