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Embed an EtherFAX Integration

Make faxing and document delivery an interoperable advantage with Intely’s pre-built EtherFAX Integration.

Resources and Endpoints

Accounts Retrieve

This resource is used to query information from the current account, features that are enabled, supported file formats and other information.


This resource is used to interact with devices associated to an account.

Inbox Retrieve

This resource is used to retrieve and filter faxes and documents in an account inbox

Outbox Create, Retrieve

This resource is used to send faxes through the etherFAX network to a destination fax number (or etherFAX endpoint).

Routes Retrieve

This resource is used to get information for specific document and fax delivery routes

Status Retrieve

This resource is used to monitor the status of one or more fax events using their unique identifier (GUID)

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