Getting Started: Structure of intelyForms

The structure of intelyForms


IntelyForms is a user-centric solution. Each user has a personal workspace where their forms and data are private. A user can set up a collaboration space with an organization. The parent organization conjoins related user accounts. 

User – users represent everyone with access to the intelyForms platform. A user can create an individual account or be invited via email by their organization. 

Workspaces – Workspaces are collections of Forms, Templates, Submission Data, Integrations, and workflows. Every user has a personal workspace that is discrete to their account only. An organization can also have a workspace that shares collections between organization workspace users. 

Organization – Organizations represent a business unit or company collaborating within the platform. The user who sets up an organization will be the owner. The owner can invite other users and assign them admin, contributor, or view-only permissions. Through organizational workspaces, invited users can share collections. 

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