Getting Started: Structure of intelyConnect

The Structure of intelyConnect


IntelyConnect is a user-centric integration application. Each user can create an account to set up and manage an integration workflow or interface. A user can also set up an organization and invite other users to collaborate. The parent organization conjoins users and their related applications. 

User – Users represent everyone with access to the intelyConnect platform. A user can create an individual account or be invited via email by their organization. 

Applications – Users create applications. An application represents a system owned by a user in intelyConnect. An application can have an identifier and authentication credentials used in a user’s integration workflows. An application can also be associated with an organization and shared with other users. 

Organization – Organizations represent a business unit or company collaborating within the platform. The user who sets up an organization will be the owner. The owner can invite other users and assign them admin, contributor, or view-only permissions. Through an organization, invited users can share applications and integration workflows. 

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