Why A Patient Management Software is a Must in Today’s Healthcare

Daniel Pluard

May 25, 2022
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Patient management software is one of the essential investments a medical practice can make. It helps streamline your clinical workflow, simplifies billing and reporting processes, and delivers actionable data to support clinical decision-making.

Before we dive into technical matters, let us first define patient management software.

What is a Patient Management Software?

Patient management software is designed to keep track of patient information and physician notes, allowing doctors to see how they manage their patients. This can include lab results, prescriptions, allergies, x-rays and other images, procedures and treatments, and medical history that other providers have compiled.

In addition to storing this data in one place without searching through multiple files or folders on your computer, it allows you to share it with others who need access, like other physicians or pharmacists.

Patient management software may be standalone or part of the electronic medical records system that a provider uses for all aspects of their practice. It can help providers keep track of patients and their medical history, see at a glance how they are managing their patients, and identify areas where they need to improve.

Reasons Why a Patient Management Software is a Must in Today’s Healthcare

There are many reasons why patient management software is a must in today’s healthcare. The benefits of choosing the right software are numerous. Here are just a few:

It improves the patient experience.

When patients have access to their medical information and can communicate with providers from home, the office, or on the road, they feel more confident in their healthcare team. Patients feel better prepared for appointments when using a virtual appointment system.

It improves patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Your practice will get more reviews if you provide a smooth experience for your patients throughout their visit—from scheduling an appointment to checking out at the end of the day. The best way to ensure this happens is by having medical practice management software that offers easy online booking and seamless transitions between each treatment section. As a result, there will be no lag time between receiving care and paying for it later down the line when they return home after treatment has already been completed successfully without any issues whatsoever!

It saves time and money.

A patient management software can reduce the time spent on paperwork, administration, and data entry. It can also decrease the time spent on phone calls, faxes, and emails.

It will allow you to manage your appointments efficiently. If you have a lot of patients or if your clinic is open for long hours, you must be able to organize their appointments intelligently so that they do not conflict with one another or overlap too much. A good system allows you to change appointment times and add appointments as required quickly. This means less stress for both patients and yourself because there will be no confusion about which appointment has been moved by which party since all dates appear clearly on the screen after entering a few basic details such as name etc.

It reduces human errors.

Patient management software eliminates the need for patients to repeat themselves and allows them to be added with a few simple clicks. The same can be said for doctors, who can quickly and easily add patients and records through their computers or tablets. Additionally, because all information is stored in one place, there’s no chance of losing any documents. As a result, mistakes will be reduced and the time spent on paperwork! You’ll save money on postage and printing costs since you don’t have to print out reports anymore.

Sofware Integration with Connect by Intely

A patient management system needs to be able to integrate with different systems because patient data will come from many other places. It needs to be able to integrate with EHRs, Electronic medical records, drug databases, and more. This is the part where Connect by Intely comes in handy.

Connect by Intely offers a non-technical and low-tech approach to healthcare. We’ve created an easy way for users to set up integration without special training or expertise. With our system, you can make seamless connections between any two-patient management software and automate your workflow using one of our pre-existing templates so that you don’t have to do as much coding yourself.

Clinics and hospitals need to provide high levels of care to their patients. And to do this, they need to track, store accurately, and share medical records. Connect by Intely offers all this and more, along with many other features and tools to help you manage a hospital or clinic.

If you have excellent patient management software in place but struggle with integration with other systems, Connect by Intely is the solution you need. Schedule a demo today.

What is patient management software?

Patient management software is designed to track and manage patient information and physician notes. It includes lab results, prescriptions, allergies, x-rays, procedures, treatments, and medical history. This software can be standalone or part of an electronic medical records system, helping providers maintain comprehensive records and share information with other healthcare professionals as needed.

How does patient management software improve the patient experience?

Patient management software improves the patient experience by allowing patients to access their medical information and communicate with providers from anywhere. It enhances their confidence in their healthcare team and helps them prepare better for appointments. Features like virtual appointment systems also contribute to a more streamlined and satisfactory experience.

What are the benefits of patient management software for healthcare providers?

The benefits of patient management software for healthcare providers include:

  • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty: Seamless experiences from appointment scheduling to checkout lead to better reviews and patient retention.
  • Time and cost savings: Reduces time spent on paperwork, administration, and data entry. It also minimizes phone calls, faxes, and emails.
  • Reduction of human errors: Eliminates repetitive tasks and centralizes data storage, reducing mistakes and ensuring all documents are easily accessible.
Why is software integration important in patient management systems?

Software integration is crucial because patient data comes from various sources. Integrating patient management systems with EHRs, electronic medical records, drug databases, and other systems ensures accurate, timely, and comprehensive data sharing. This integration supports seamless workflow and better patient care.

How does Connect by Intely facilitate software integration?

Connect by Intely simplifies software integration with a non-technical and low-tech approach. It allows users to set up integrations without special training or expertise. Connect by Intely offers pre-existing templates for seamless connections between different patient management software systems, automating workflows and reducing the need for extensive coding.

Patient management software is essential for modern healthcare practices, offering numerous benefits for both patients and providers. For those struggling with system integration, solutions like Connect by Intely provide the necessary tools to streamline operations and enhance patient care. Schedule a demo with Connect by Intely to see how it can improve your healthcare facility.

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