March saw a lot of new and exciting things for intely. We participated in industry trade shows and learned a lot from experts about the industry we are in. As we move into April, we take a look back over the month and see what’s happened in the world of intely.

Company News:

For the first time in a long time, we met new friends at two healthcare trade shows – ViVE2022 and HIMSS2022. 

Telehealth has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to advancements in electronic health records (EHRs). A big part of that growth is the integration of traditional EHRs with telehealth EHR systems.   

More than 95% of US-based healthcare organizations have adopted the telehealth EHR integration platform. The benefits are obvious: better quality care, more accurate patient information, enhanced efficiency, and interoperability are only a few of them.   


As we move more of our lives online and build more apps and services, we are finding ourselves creating lots of different types of forms. While there are thousands of online form builders out there, not all are created equal. In this blog, we listed the five characteristics that the best form builders have. 


Online forms and surveys have taken the healthcare industry by storm. From improving patient satisfaction to enhancing care coordination, online health forms have played a significant role in healthcare. If you are thinking about using online health forms for your business or organization, this blog will outline the various benefits of using online health forms.  

Traditionally, health forms have been paper-based, but these documents have become electronic with the rise of new technologies. Now, most — if not all, clinics and hospitals use online health forms. 


A site contact form plays a significant role in any online business. It is the gateway for your visitors to interact with your business, either to get more information or to contact you for any other purpose. Business owners must have techniques on how to build the contact form. A poorly designed contact form can lead to lost revenue or lost customers.

We have seen many contact forms that are confusing, difficult to use, and lacking in aesthetics. There is a lot that goes into making a contact form. This blog will look at the various aspects of building and designing the perfect one.



Call them use cases, user scenarios, or user stories – Here are some ways of how intely can help automate & improve your workflows.

Providers rely on accurate patient data and medical history. When developing a provider or patient application, it's essential to have a solid pipeline to connect Medicare beneficiaries with their past medical history and data. The IntelyConnect platform abstracts claim data, provider data, and health plan data for applications that serve Medicare patients.

Healthcare Financial Data has historically all been transferred in Electronic Data Interchange files. These files are complex and challenging to generate, parse, and ingest. As APIs continue to develop and gain traction in the healthcare space, providers and technology companies need to have a solution to send and retrieve claim data.

Workflows require data collection throughout healthcare, and there is always room to optimize or automate. Build HIPAA-compliant healthcare forms to collect the data you need safely. Customize and integrate the forms. Make them enjoyable to fill out so your patients stay healthy and your providers stay happy.

In healthcare, patient balances are often too high for a one-time payment, and it is necessary to accommodate a recurring payment plan. It's generally wise to write the terms and collect a signature from the balance guarantor. IntelyForms allows you to create a document that defines the payment terms and confirms agreement with electronic signatures.

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