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Company News: Intely Announces ViVE 2022 Sponsorship & Participation

“Our team at Intely is thrilled to be a sponsor at ViVE this spring and showcase our no-code/low-code workflow automation solution and data integration platform for healthcare. We’re looking forward to collaborating and learning with the most influential leaders and innovators in healthcare. We chose to kick-off our trade show presence at ViVE because it’s the first trade show focused solely on Digital Health which is very exciting for us and the healthcare market in general.” Daniel Pluard, CEO

Google Forms and intelyForms are two similar tools used to create online forms. While Google forms are great for basic data collection, intelyForms is more interactive and allows users to create sophisticated web forms.

See the differences and similarities between the two here


Choosing an online form builder is all about finding which tool has the right features at a price you can afford. There are many out there, but a few stand out. Take a look at the comparison of the features, pricing, and overall value of three of the top online form builders — Typeform, Jotform, and IntelyForms.

Which is the best among the three?


FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, is one of the most well-known protocols in health data interoperability. The role of FHR in interoperability is to set the standards in connecting disparate systems and holds high prospects for future growth.

It’s past time to adopt a fresh perspective on the value of data interchange in patient care. Still, what is FHIR, and why is it generating such a stir among some of the industry’s most powerful healthcare organizations?



Call them use cases, user scenarios, or user stories – Here are some ways of how intely can help automate & improve your workflows.

Most people rely on multiple different healthcare facilities to provide them the care they need, all while many of the facilities don’t communicate with each other. By using intelyConnect, all your appointment reminders can drive to one place, regardless of what system a provider is using. Never miss an appointment when using Appointment Reminders through IntelyConnect.

Every day we implement new processes to make our company more efficient and effective, but we rarely get feedback from the people in the day-to-day on the new process before it's too late. By using intelyForms, you can get near real-time feedback from employees and drive their responses directly to you.

The day-to-day workflows that many health systems have to utilize are often highly complex and nuanced. With these workflows comes a need for non-standard data integration but, many data integration options available may not truly solve the root issue. Instead, health systems often get out-of-the-box, partial solutions to the problems they face.

In today's data-driven world, it's vital to have all the applicable data when making decisions. Care providers rely on the available data to care for their patients but, that data can live in multiple EHRs. With different pieces of data housed in so many systems, care providers are often not working with the complete 'picture' for their patients.

Front office registrars deal with massive amounts of excess paper due to various forms and information needed by the patient. Often the registration forms given to patients are used to capture the data and then manually entered into the registration system by the front office staff.

It's helpful to have enterprise healthcare data in a single location. Snowflake's cloud data solutions provide the answer. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to extract data from multiple healthcare systems of record, transform it into a standard format, and load it into your data warehouse or data lake solution.

Scheduling an appointment can be more difficult than it needs to be for everyone involved. Today's technology landscape requires integration with more solutions but, even with the increase of integrations, still requires manual intervention and real-time interfacing between individuals. Eliminate both of these problems today!

Getting started is the hard part, but accepting and collecting payments can be a hurdle in itself. Without expansive technical knowledge getting the payment modules to your customers for various billing scenarios can be a burden. Collect payments wherever you do business with IntleyForms!

Health systems face more and more data issues when providing patient care due to the need for multiple disparate systems to be utilized. Empower your care providers with all the data they need to provide accurate, quality care for their patients. Automate your workflows and make sure your care providers have the information they need.

Health systems frequently struggle to survey patient satisfaction to gauge the quality of care received, often due to outdated survey tactics which are easily dismissable by the patient. By utilizing intelyForms, you can easily embed a survey into a patient's portal or during the discharge workflow. Keep the communication between you and your patients open.

In today's healthcare landscape, hospitals and clinics rely on an average of 10 EHRs to care for the patient population that they serve. Often these EHRs struggle to communicate with each other, even in a minimal capacity. Empower your caregivers by automating the data they need into your Medhost system with IntelyConnect. Learn how you can automate your workflows today!

Now more than ever, health systems are focusing on their patient populations to ensure that the care they receive leads to overall satisfaction. The feedback channels between care providers and patients are critical for maintaining your patient population and guaranteeing your patient's satisfaction.

Chasing down overdue medical bills can be expensive. Patients can often forget when their medical bills are due, leading to higher costs to collect for the health systems that serve them. IntelyConnect offers standard, repeatable workflows that can automate the communication about billing reminders to your patients.

Snowflake's data warehouse is a great solution to manage enterprise healthcare data across your organization. Often it can be difficult and time-consuming to unload the data and populate your health records in the various EMR's and Digital Health solutions employed across the healthcare system.

Collecting medical and health visit copays is a headache. Between expensive credit card hardware and processing and cash (yuck!), both the registrars and patients are likely burdened by the process. It's also likely that there is some leakage and missed revenue. Let's eliminate that today by utilizing the payment module with IntelyForms.

IntelyForms isn't just for healthcare, and your events don't suck. People want to attend them. They just don't know the details about them. Build an easy event registration form to send to recipients you would like to attend. IntelyForms will consolidate all of the responses so you can plan accordingly and focus on planning the event.

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