Forms by Intely: The Ultimate Solution to Your Workflow Automation Needs

Daniel Pluard

May 4, 2022
intely Blog The Ultimate Solution to Your Workflow Automation Needs

Workflow automation is something that is gaining ground as a way of improving businesses to help them stay competitive. With more advanced workflows and paperless healthcare, everyone is sharing data, updating records, and treating patients more efficiently. 

This blog will teach you about workflow automation in healthcare, the benefits it offers to providers and patients, and how Forms by Intely can help implement these workflows. 

What is workflow automation? 

Workflow automation refers to the practice of automating a business process through automated software. The most common use case for workflow automation is the manual deployment of electronic documents and files, but this technology can also be used to automate other processes, such as financial accounting and human resources management. Automation can increase efficiency by cutting down on errors and reducing labor costs, but it can also improve quality by promoting consistency and accuracy in the way that different employees perform tasks. 

Workflow automation is commonly as an extension of business process automation (BPA), which focuses on maximizing productivity from a particular business cycle or company goal rather than increasing efficiency overall. 

Workflow automation solutions are designed to improve business processes. By automating manual and repetitive tasks, businesses have the opportunity to: 

  • reduce inefficiencies 
  • improve communication 
  • increase quality
  • increase customer satisfaction 
  • improve employee satisfaction 

Workflow automation can help your business run more efficiently. 

Workflow automation saves time, money and can even improve customer service. Instead of wasting time on routine tasks like filing paperwork or entering data into a database, utilize workflow automation to free up time in your schedule while streamlining your business 

With workflow automation, you will: 

Save time. 

By automating routine tasks, you and your employees will have more time to focus on strategic initiatives that add value to your company. Workflow automation let’s you automate time-consuming activities throughout the workday with the least amount of effort. 

Save money.  

Automation reduces overhead costs because it eliminates manual processes such as data entry and paper filing systems—all of which are prone to human error and require constant supervision for long periods of time, and thus increase payroll expenses. 

Automation also helps cut down on printing costs by replacing paper forms with mobile ones that are easily accessible from any device connected via a wireless internet connection which makes them easier for employees too.  

Improve customer service  

By automating customer interactions through online forms, businesses will ensure consistent quality across all customer touchpoints while saving valuable employee resources who can focus their attention where it matters most – building relationships!  

How does workflow automation work? 

The beauty of automating workflows is that it can be used in any type of business. In fact, chances are you’ve already automated certain parts of your business as a way to reduce repetitive tasks and improve efficiency. 

Products such as Forms by Intely offer customers the ability to streamline their data collection processes and workflows by integrating other tools they use. For instance, a company with a Salesforce-based CRM can easily add Forms by Intely functionality to their existing workflow—and vice versa. 

On top of this, Forms by Intely allows users to customize their forms and workflows according to their exact needs, whether or not they have technical knowledge or skills. In fact, you don’t need to know how to code in order to use Forms by Intely. 

Forms by Intely puts everything together for you so that all it takes is some simple clicks and drags to turn your forms into automated workflows that meet your specific business needs. Your team will benefit from better productivity and less time spent on tedious tasks. 

As you can see, workflow automation is a big boon for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The bottom line is this: automating workflows saves both time and energy, which allows businesses to focus on other, more important issues. For businesses, it’s a win-win situation—and it’s one that can be easily implemented by using Forms by Intely. 

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