The Smartest Way to Create a Medical Intake Form

Daniel Pluard

June 28, 2022
intelyForms The Smartest Way to Create a Medical Intake Form
A medical intake form is a document that healthcare providers use to collect key information about a patient. This includes information such as genetics, medical history, previous procedures, allergies, and symptoms. Doctors use this information to create personalized treatment plans for their patients.  The data gathered from medical intake forms is important for medical facilities because it can be used for research purposes to help future patients avoid or recover from medical conditions.  If your medical practice needs a medical intake form, Forms by Intely is the best option. It’s easy to use and lets you do all sorts of clever things. But it’ll be even better if you follow these simple tips: 

Make the form more user-friendly for patients. 

A medical intake form is a crucial part of your practice. It allows you to capture key patient information right after they walk in the door, which can be helpful when it comes time for billing and follow-up care. You may have already created one for yourself, but have you thought about what would make it better?  
  • A good intake form should be easy for patients to fill out, easy for them to read and understand, and easy for them to print and save copies of their records.  
  • The form should have an intuitive navigation system that makes it easy for patients to move through each step of the intake process, from the beginning of their journey until they’ve completed all necessary information fields, including any attachments.  
  • The forms must save automatically so that users can return later and pick up where they left off if necessary—and not lose any data in their session history between sessions. 

Respond to Feedback. 

Feedback is -important for any business, and it’s an especially important part of medical office management. Whether you receive feedback from patients or staff members, it’s likely that you will be able to use that information in some way—either to improve your business or simply to understand how people are feeling about their experiences with your company.   Feedback can be given in a variety of ways, such as by phone call or email. If someone has had a negative experience with one of your products or services and wants to share details about what happened during the interaction, you must respond and address their concern immediately. If someone has a positive experience with one of your products or services, respond with appreciation. 

Add a fun branding element. 

While it’s important to keep your medical intake form simple and easy to use, you can also add a fun brand element that sets your form apart from others. If you’re using Forms by Intely, this step is easy! Here are some examples of things you could do:  Add a fun color:   Use an accent color that matches the branding of your practice or hospital. Make sure it’s visible when the form loads in its mobile view—it should fill at least 25% of the screen so users can see it immediately.  Use a fun logo: Your logo is typically just as recognizable as any other part of your brand identity, so use it as often as possible throughout all aspects of this process (including emails). For example, if it happens to be an animal or food item like “puppy” or “cheeseburger” then put those words somewhere big on the page so people aren’t confused when they arrive at their appointment time slot!  These tips will help you design a great medical intake form. 
  • It should be easy to fill out. 
  • The form should be easy to read. 
  • The form should be easy to understand and use. 

How to Create a Medical Intake Form with Forms by Intely

Creating a medical intake form can be a daunting challenge, especially if the information collected within is complex and requires special formatting. That’s where Forms by Intely comes into the rescue! Here are 6 easy steps to guide you in building your first intelyForm.  
  • You will need to register to the platform if you haven’t yet. After successful registration, you can now log in to the app. 
  • After logging in, launch Forms by Intely. 
  • Creating your own form is simple and easy. Just click “Create New Form” In the dashboard, write a name for your new form, then select from our collection of professionally made templates, or if none of them appeal to you, opt for creating your own! 
  • Next, you can drag & drop any of the various question types into the form editor without leaving your design view. That includes options like multiple-choices, drop-down, rating scales, checkboxes and open-ended questions. 
  • After you build your medical intake form, click “Next.” Then apply any options you want to configure on the form settings and condition setting screen. You may opt to receive email notifications after a submission has been recorded or create a “thank you” page when a patient successfully fills out the form. 
  • For easier dissemination of forms, Forms by Intely also allows you to share a custom form link with your patients. 
Creating a medical intake form requires a lot of time and effort, which is why we created Forms by Intely. This tool makes it possible for anyone to create their own form that is fully compatible with the different medical forms across the world. The benefits are there for you to see for yourself.  Forms by Intely is, without a doubt, the smartest way to create a medical intake form. Using Forms by Intely, you’ll be able to design forms that look good and are easy to use… in other words, your patients will want to actually fill them out—which will certainly help streamline the medical intake process! Signup to Forms by Intely and start creating your own form today! 

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