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Daniel Pluard

November 1, 2022
Phase Zero Intely Partnership


The demand for digital health infrastructure is on the rise. Many providers require more effective and specialized solutions to meet the needs of their patients and deliver better quality care. New applications and point solutions offer to augment the shortcomings of existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, leaving providers with a disjointed solution. 

Phase Zero and Intely have partnered to provide an integrated solution for healthcare providers and technology companies to develop patient-centric CRMs, databases, and workflows to manage patient populations, virtual care, and more.

Phase Zero’s patient relationship management platform provides the building blocks to deliver a virtual-first experience and improve patient satisfaction. Intely’s platform provides the infrastructure on the back end to integrate applications, like Phase Zero, with EMRs and other sources of patient data using pre-built connectors and a standard data model.

“After working with several customers to deploy Phase Zero, building a standard connection with Intely to enable customers to integrate EMRs is a significant value add to streamline implementation and eliminate adoption constraints.” – Ngoc Le, CEO of Phase Zero

When used together, the platforms offer customers a HIPAA-compliant solution to build solutions tailored to their needs without writing a single line of code.

“Intely provides Phase Zero customers an easy solution to integrate with their ecosystem’s operational workflows and processes.” – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

What is Phase Zero — Phase Zero is a patient relationship management platform that enables healthcare providers to digitize and automate clinical workflows to reduce repetitive tasks and improve patient outcomes. Build and automate care pathways, patient intake, triage, and clinical protocols with our drag-and-drop workflow builder. To learn more about Phase Zero, visit

What is Intely — Intely’s mission is to connect healthcare, ensuring applications, providers, and patients have the data they need when they need it. The Intely Platform is an end-to-end interoperability solution that is system and data model agnostic making it possible to connect to any application and configure complete workflows without programming. Our solutions and infrastructure save time, money, and the headache of traditional healthcare data integration, giving your team the freedom to focus on what they do best – providing innovative solutions and first-class care. To learn more about the Intely Platform, visit

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