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Daniel Pluard

March 7, 2023
ViVE 2023 Announcement Website

Intely is excited to attend and sponsor ViVE 2023 in Nashville, TN.

Come visit Booth #2125 on the #ViVE23 expo floor and book a meeting with our team to discover a better way to interoperate.

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Intely is the only no-code healthcare interoperability platform. Providers and digital health applications can seamlessly integrate with any EHR and business application. Intely’s pre-built connectors help you simplify healthcare interoperability by providing simple building blocks to automate integrated workflows. Plus, being a part of Intely’s marketplace, you can expand the reach of your digital health application!

The advantages of an interoperability and integration partner are vast, and we are excited to meet with other healthcare industry leaders, providers, and innovators to explore a wide range of topics, including:

Intely’s mission is not to deliver one generational healthcare product but to help connect an entire generation of industry-changing products. ViVE23 is a great venue to collaborate and see how the healthcare technology industry is driving improvements and change to patient care.

Download Your Interoperability Strategy Guide

Not Sure where to start? This 9-page guide helps you build an actionable strategy in 4 proven steps. 

4 Steps to Interoperability Hero

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