How to Create an Online Questionnaire with Forms by Intely

Daniel Pluard

June 7, 2022
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You may want to create an online questionnaire, but you may also be wondering if it’s the best way to go. You might wish to use a multichoice survey or a scale, or maybe you need a more robust assessment tool to take the place of an in-person evaluation. 

An online questionnaire makes it easier to gather feedback and gather data. This blog discusses the benefits of online questionnaires and how you can build one using Forms by Intely. 

Benefits of Online Questionnaires 

It saves money. 

If you are looking for a way to save money on the questionnaire process, an online questionnaire is for you. Online questionnaires are inexpensive and easy to use. You can create your questionnaire based on your needs using the Forms by Intely platform. If you don’t have time to create a custom online survey form, Forms by Intely also offers pre-made questionnaires that you can customize with just a few clicks of the mouse! 

It makes gathering feedback easy and accessible for all. 

An online survey makes it easy for everyone to give feedback. No one needs to leave their homes, travel across town, or even be available during the workday. If you’re looking for input from a diverse group of people who don’t live in your city and may not speak English, an online questionnaire will allow you to reach them all at once—and so much more quickly than having someone read out loud or transcribe a conversation.  

You will have less paperwork to manage. 

Another benefit of using an online questionnaire is that you will have less paperwork to manage. You can save the results and print them for your records at the end of a survey. The data is stored in a secure server so that you can access it at any time to analyze and make improvements. 

It is a secure way to collect data because sensitive data is stored on a secure server. 

Data is encrypted on the server and then stored in a secure database. Once the survey is submitted, it can only be accessed by the researchers and no one else. Your data will be accessible from anywhere, but it is not shared with another person or entity. Additionally, there are measures to prevent others from accessing your information even if they have access to the database. This means that your personal information will always remain private and secure. 

Create an online questionnaire with Forms by Intely in 5 easy steps! 

Creating an online questionnaire may seem complicated, but not with Forms by Intely! Here are five easy steps: 

  • The first step is to log in to and launch Forms by Intely.
  • To create an online questionnaire, click “Create New Form.” Give your questionnaire a name so you won’t forget! You can start from scratch or use one of our templates. 
  • We have made it easier to add questions to your survey. Now you can drag and drop any of the available question types. The options include drop-down, multiple-choice, rating scale, checkboxes, and open-ended questions. 
  • After building your questionnaire, click “Next.” You will be taken to the form settings page. From here, you have options to configure your survey status and properties, apply conditions that display certain elements on a form, send emails after submissions are recorded, connect a form to other apps, create a “Thank You” page, and schedule when you’d like a survey to be released. 
  • Lastly, share your custom form link with your patients! 


You might have heard about online questionnaires and thought, “I could never do that.” But the benefits of using an online questionnaire make them worth reconsidering. If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons why. 

They’re better for the environment. Online questionnaires use less paper than traditional surveys and can be organized to make it easy to recycle or reuse old ones. Also, they’re easier for everyone involved because they don’t need to print them out! You won’t have stacks of paper cluttering up your house or office! 

Creating an online questionnaire is easy. You just need the best online form builder, and you can quickly make one in minutes. Schedule an Forms by Intely demo today. 

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