Healthcare Interoperability Easier Than Ever With Connect From Intely

Jordan Gieselman

October 13, 2022
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Healthcare interoperability has never been easier! You now have the ability to create the interoperability workflows your organization faces through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that takes days or weeks worth of work and simplifies it down to hours. With our vendor-agnostic approach, you can configure the systems your organization leverages (or your organization’s application!) and build the workflows to get your data from where it lives to where you need it.

Whether an integration needs to run once or regularly, have the data you need whenever you need it to facilitate your workflows. We’ve created the triggers necessary for most healthcare workflows, and we’re constantly looking for new ones to make your interoperability as seamless as possible.

Reduce or remove the need to leverage development resources to create custom integrations. Intely has simplified the integration process to where you can create your interoperability workflows for healthcare as easily as making a flow chart.

Want to stay in the weeds and leverage this with code? You can still utilize Intely’s integration capabilities through IntelyAPI. Intely solves interoperability for both technical and non-technical users!

Get in contact with a member of the Intely Team to learn how we can solve your interoperability problems!

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