Healthtech Marketing Podcast ep 223 – The Start-up Journey – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

Daniel Pluard

November 18, 2022
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Daniel Pluard is the CEO of an early-stage healthcare interoperability start-up that is taking a no-code approach to tackle a highly complex issue. In this episode of the Health Tech Marketing Podcast, Adam and Daniel cover:

  1. Intely’s mission – what we are passionate about building and solving.
  2. How Intely was founded – every start-up has a unique story. We aren’t special or different. We’re just passionate about healthcare interoperability and technology!
  3. What challenges Intely has faced being a start-up in the healthcare and digital health market. It’s no secret start-ups are tough, and I’d argue healthcare is an especially tough market for a new company. Breaking through the challenges is rewarding
  4. Who Intely sells to, and what problem do we solve for our customers.
  5. The startup life – the joys and the horrors (that are all worth it, btw!)
  6. Adversity vs. Joy – both feelings are felt on any given day when building product and establishing a go-to-market strategy to market and sell your tech solutions.
  7. How they sell and market as a startup – what strategies work, what has been most successful for Intely and what really doesn’t work. Health Tech Marketing is tough and finding a winning strategy is critical for success!
  8. Who they go to for help and advice – building a company is not a one person journey.
  9. Bonus Question: If money were no object what would they do differently. This is a fun question but one we’d encourage everybody to consider. (Also, probably not the answer you expect)

Adam Turninas runs the Health Tech Marketing podcast through healthlaunchpad and HIMSS. Adam is a wealth of knowledge in the Health Tech marketing, sales, and business development arena and an unbelievably nice guy! I’d encourage everyone to check out and subscribe to the healthlaunchpad marketing strategy blog.

Listen and watch below or listen on your preferred podcast platform here. Enjoy!

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