EMR Integration: What Is It and Where Should You Start?

Daniel Pluard

March 2, 2024
EMR Integration – What It Is and Where You Should Start

The Basics

The introduction of personal and commercial computer systems planted the seeds of a technological revolution in the 20th century. With virtually every market on the planet being directly affected, the healthcare industry has been no exception. In the U.S. specifically, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was introduced in 2009 and required that all private and public healthcare providers adopt the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) by 2014.

So, what exactly are EMRs and what does EMR Integration actually entail?

  • An EMR is essentially just a database that holds the medical charting for all patients within a single healthcare provider. They hold all the information that a paper chart (now a thing of the past!) would.
  • EMR Integration involves creating software systems that combine these records with every other digital application that a provider uses to form a single, streamlined platform.

The Importance

The importance of EMR Integration transcends the mere threat of government penalization for non-compliant providers. The entire system provides huge advancements for both the provider and patient experience. These include:

  • High-speed and effective sharing and tracking of patients’ health history among providers.
  • Reduction of errors made in patient records.
  • Ability of patients to access their own records anywhere at any time, book appointments, and have time-sensitive questions answered without delay.
  • Increased privacy and protection of personal information via secure access protocols

The Challenges

No healthcare provider is without its EMR integration challenges. While integration will ultimately increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare, the industry must still navigate a continuous road of obstacles. Common challenges come in the form of:

  • Lack of standard data formatting among different systems
  • High monetary and time costs
  • Technological challenges
  • Data privacy and security

Review an in-depth explanation of EMR integration challenges

The Opportunities

The opportunities of an EMR integration are vast. These system implementations can have a positive effect on multiple areas of a healthcare business including:

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Treatment planning and coordination with multiple providers
  • Admissions, referrals, and transfers between facilities
  • Analysis and decision-making based on lab results
  • Billing integration
  • Telehealth services


athenahealth provides one of the top cloud-based EMR/EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems in the healthcare industry. Its open and scalable platform, combined with the ability to allow providers to customize their experience with specific apps from their Marketplace store, make it one of the most practical integration solutions available.

And the best part? Intely is now a proud partner of athenahealth! Access to Intely’s enterprise integration and data automation solutions are now available on the Marketplace.

Who’s in the running?

The demand for EMR integration has created an entirely new industry over the past decade. Some of the top EMR integration providers and platforms include:

While any one provider may not be the end-all solution, Connect by Intely provides a magnificent compromise between streamlined, user-friendly functionality and affordability.

Your First Step

The first step toward any revolutionary change is exciting… and almost always daunting. Here at Intely, it doesn’t have to be!

Book a complimentary strategy session with our team, and we will help you build a plan tailored to your own unique needs.

Access our appointment calendar here and find a time that works for you!


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