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Daniel Pluard

April 26, 2022
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In healthcare, you need to create registration forms for patients. It’s not enough to have a form that asks for their name and address. A patient registration form needs to be intuitive and easy so that patients don’t drop off from filling it out.   

This blog discusses the importance of patient registration forms, their types, and how to make one with Forms by Intely. 

What is a Patient Registration Form, and why is it important? 

A hospital or a healthcare facility uses patient registration forms to collect information needed for admission into a hospital or healthcare facility.   

Today, most hospitals lack the right tools to manage their form management and processing of registration. Patient registration forms hold value because they provide necessary guidelines on a patient’s medical history and general background facts related to severe issues such as birth, death, and special needs. Therefore, if any physician comes across a patient with an ambiguous medical history, they have numerous ways of tracking that information.   

Types of Patient Registration Forms 

There are various types of patient registration forms. Let’s look into each one and what their purposes are. 

Standard Admission 

This form is required to admit a patient into a hospital. It can contain fields like name, address, gender, contact details, date of admission and DOB of the patient, and payment information. The form will conclude with an agreement to abide by the hospital policies. 

Medical Test Approval 

Some forms will require a patient’s approval for conducting any required medical tests. Some of the most common tests with related details include blood tests, tissue tests, and fluid tests. You should also add pre-treatment protocols like obtaining a signed copy of a consent form, listing allergies / known contraindications, medications the patients need to avoid on the day of testing, and other related matters. 

Patient Background 

When a hospital admits a patient, they require them to fill out this form with all the required information about their medical and general history. This form contains all of the standard tabs and contact details, plus optional checkboxes, dropdown menus, text fields, date fields, and any other location-based requirement depending on where the individual lives. 

Patient Insurance 

Patient insurance forms are an integral part of hospital admission procedures and should be mandatory for all new admissions. Medical documents help provide doctors with a patient’s intake, but what about their history on the payment side of things? These documents would cover a lot more than just billing, though. They could also contain questions about employment status, a patient’s bank details, insurance providers, and other relevant information. 


Discharge forms are a vital part of the overall admission process. During this process, practitioners will talk with you about your discharge or see if they can infuse any amount of health into your body before releasing you for a one-time fee. Discharged patients may have to return on other occasions after leaving because their illness has not been visibly contained. The effectiveness of some treatments involves multiple visits to keep up appearances like Botox injections, jabs at disappearing scars, or other visible signs that there is something wrong that needs treating. 

How to Create Patient Registration Forms with Forms by Intely

Whichever patient registration form you need to make, Forms by Intely makes creating forms a breeze.

If you are in the healthcare industry, you may have a form that you need to distribute to your patients. Patient registration forms are critical as they allow you to know more about the patient and give you insight into how you can help.   

Creating a patient registration form is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start: 

Step 1: Log in to Forms by Intely. Once you have logged in, you will see the dashboard.  

Step 2: To create a patient registration form, click “Create New Form.”   

Step 3: Name your form. You can start from scratch or use one of our templates.   

Step 4: You can now drag and drop the parts you want to include in the registration form.  

Step 5: After building the actual patient registration form, click “Next.” You will then configure your form status and properties. You can apply a condition to show elements and connect your form to other apps to synchronize data. Forms by Intely also allows you to create a “Thank You” page. You may also schedule when you want to release your registration form.   

Step 6: Share your custom form link with your patients!   

Create intuitive patient registration forms with Forms by Intely

Easy do-it-yourself digital forms and surveys made by people like you — no coding or design skills required! 

Forms by Intely makes it easy to create engaging digital experiences that efficiently get you the information you need. It is designed to make online data collection simple! Engage your audience, increase conversions, boost sales and boost your bottom line with our integrated suite of digital forms and surveys that do not require coding or technical experience!  

Visit our website and schedule a demo today. 

What is a patient registration form, and why is it important?

A patient registration form is used by hospitals or healthcare facilities to collect essential information needed for admitting a patient. These forms are important because they provide necessary guidelines on a patient’s medical history and general background, which helps physicians track and manage patient information accurately.

What are the types of patient registration forms?

There are several types of patient registration forms, including:

  • Standard Admission: For general patient admission, including personal and contact details, date of admission, and payment information.
  • Medical Test Approval: For obtaining patient consent for medical tests, including pre-treatment protocols and allergy information.
  • Patient Background: For collecting detailed medical and general history.
  • Patient Insurance: For gathering insurance and payment-related information.
  • Discharge: For documenting the discharge process and follow-up requirements.
How can workflow automation improve the patient registration process?

Workflow automation can improve the patient registration process by:

  • Saving Time: Automating routine tasks like data entry and form processing.
  • Reducing Errors: Ensuring accurate and consistent data entry.
  • Enhancing Patient Experience: Streamlining the registration process for quicker and smoother patient onboarding.
  • Increasing Efficiency: Allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks rather than administrative work.
Why should healthcare providers use Forms by Intely for patient registration forms?

Healthcare providers should use Forms by Intely because it simplifies the creation of intuitive and engaging digital forms without the need for coding or design skills. Forms by Intely helps in efficiently collecting and managing patient information, improving patient satisfaction, reducing administrative burdens, and ensuring accurate data collection.

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