Medplace is a HIPAA-compliant app that connects organizations with top practicing doctors and nurses for case and peer reviews, independent medical exams (IMEs) for workers’ compensation cases, expert witness testimony, and more.

Intely’s Medplace Connector

Our pre-built Medplace connector streamlines the ability for organizations to connect with clinicians for peer and case reviews. By leveraging Intely, you gain access to seamless connections with Medplace and a diverse array of EMRs and healthcare technology platforms.

Why Intely for Your Integration Needs?

Connecting through Intely ensures that your data flows smoothly and consistently, regardless of the systems you’re integrating with. Our platform does not constrain you to a specific format. It standardizes the process of reading and writing healthcare data to any JSON API, enhancing flexibility and scalability across various clients and systems. This universal compatibility makes Intely the ideal choice for healthcare providers looking to expand their capabilities and streamline their operations.