Intely File Storage

Intely File Storage is an internal app in the Intely Platform that allows you to manage your file-based integrations and data easily. With Intely File Storage, you can receive, transform, and send data received through our SFTP endpoint.

Intely’s File Storage Connector

Our pre-built Intely File Storage application allows you to map flat files into any data format and drive specific automated workflows based on file integrations. The Intely File Storage App offers a streamlined solution for healthcare products and applications seeking to set up file-based integrations. With Intely File Storage App connector, you can integrate with any system to receive, send, and consume the files and manage, map, and transform them within the Intely File Storage App.

Why Intely for Your Integration Needs?

Connecting through Intely ensures that your data flows smoothly and consistently, regardless of the systems you’re integrating with. Our platform does not constrain you to a specific format. It standardizes the process of reading and writing healthcare data to any JSON API, enhancing flexibility and scalability across various clients and systems. This universal compatibility makes Intely the ideal choice for healthcare providers looking to expand their capabilities and streamline their operations.