Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) is a secure, highly available object storage service in the cloud. AWS S3 allows the storage and retrieval of almost any amount and type data. Businesses use AWS S3 for a variety of use cases as it is a practical solution for data backup, management, and processing, as well as cloud application development.

Intely’s Amazon S3 Connector

Our pre-built AWS S3 Connector offers organizations and technology products a simple way to use AWS S3 to receive, store, and send healthcare data. By leveraging Intely, you can securely connect to your and your customer’s cloud environments, exchange data in any format, and rapidly accelerate integration use cases.

Why Intely for Your Integration Needs?

Connecting through Intely ensures that your data flows smoothly and consistently, regardless of the systems you’re integrating with. Our platform does not constrain you to a specific format. It standardizes the process of reading and writing healthcare data to any JSON API, enhancing flexibility and scalability across various clients and systems. This universal compatibility makes Intely the ideal choice for healthcare providers looking to expand their capabilities and streamline their operations.