Clinical Research Feedback Form: There’s An intelyForm for That!

Daniel Pluard

May 31, 2022
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The clinical trial process usually begins with gathering feedback from providers and patients. The goal of a clinical trial is to gather data and information on a drug or medical device to determine its safety and efficacy of it on patients. A clinical research feedback form plays a huge part in the process. However, creating a feedback form can be tedious, especially for busy clinical research directors.

The data collected by talking to providers and patients can help determine whether the product will be useful, what side effects may occur, and what future research may be needed.

The good news is – there’s an Forms by Intely for that!

Let’s share with you how you can create a clinical research feedback form with Forms by Intely.

As a new user, you can register your email address and start with a free account. Simply go to and register.

intelyForms 01

Once you have registered, you may log in to the intely platform using the email address that you registered.

intely forms

Once you’re in, you will see the two applications of intely – Connect by Intely and Forms by Intely. To create feedback forms, choose Forms by Intely and click on “Launch”.

intely forms

After clicking “Launch”, you will be taken to intely’s form builder – Forms by Intely. Here is where you will create the clinical research feedback form and configure its settings.

intely forms

To get started, click on “Create New Form”. You will be asked to name your form.

intely forms

Next, you need to choose if you will start from scratch or use a template.

intely forms

There are two layout options in the form builder. The classic form and the card form. Choose which layout fits your style.

intely forms

After choosing the form layout, you can now customize the feedback form.

intely forms

Click on “Add your logo”, and the logo properties menu will show on the right side. You can add your organization’s logo by uploading the image.

When you click on this icon , you can customize the color of the form, the color of the background, and the font color. You also have the option to upload an image as the background of the form.

intely forms

When you click on the “Global Properties” tab, you can customize whether you will require the respondents to answer all fields, you may also customize the font size, spacing, and alignment.

intely forms

After customizing the design of the feedback form, you can now drag and drop the fields you want in the feedback form from the left menu.

intely forms

After adding the necessary form fields, click on “Next”. You will be taken to the page where you will configure the settings of your form. You can set it up so you can receive updates every time a respondent finishes filling out the feedback form. After that, click on “Next”

intely forms

You can now share the clinical trial feedback form through a link, invite by email, or share your form to your social media networks.

intely forms

There are also various embedding options.

intely forms

Once you click on “Create,” you will see this:

intely form

That’s it! The clinical trial feedback form is now ready to use.

Gathering clinical trial feedback has never been this easy! With a few clicks, you can create your feedback form and share it with patients and providers.

Do you remember David? The clinical research director in one of our videos?

Clinical Research Director | Drug Trials Engagement | Online Form Builder

David has always wanted to make sure that he gets actual and real-time feedback from his clinical trial patient. He had been looking for a new solution, which led him to stumble upon Forms by Intely. Forms by Intely allowed David to get every bit of input he needed from the providers and their patients, boost engagement, and get as much feedback as possible without breaking any HIPAA regulations or state patient information laws.

For any business, it’s important to make sure you’re providing a service or product your customers want. It’s especially important for businesses that are selling to consumers.

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Forms by Intely is a tool that makes it easy for businesses to gather information from consumers and customers in a quick, easy, and visual way. It helps businesses find out any information that they need, such as a name or email, and it also gets them to provide feedback about what should be improved or added to the product or service.

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