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Daniel Pluard

May 4, 2023
athenaHealth Integration Story SOAP Health Website

When considering your athena integration, it helps to understand how other healthcare software solutions seamlessly connected with athenahealth. First, we’ll give a brief overview of SOAP Health. Then we’ll uncover the integration needs and use case with which SOAP Health approached Intely. You’ll get text explanations of the workflow as well as screenshots of Intely’s drag and drop workflow builder.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a digital health innovator, this article will provide a clear picture of how it looks to partner with Intely on an athenahealth integration.

About SOAP Health

SOAP Health is an AI-powered digital assistant that helps simplify patient-reported data collection, risk assessment, and electronic delivery to providers. It aims to improve patient care and doctor productivity while reducing liability. The software is suitable for both fee-for-service and value-based care and has an initial focus on early detection of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and obesity.

athenahealth Integration needs

SOAP Health had the challenge of connecting to athenahealth to integrate their appointments and scheduling system, pull patient and clinical data, and push medical assessment findings into patient charts. SOAP Health realized that building a direct integration to Athenahealth would strain internal resources and deviate focus from the product and implementation. Furthermore, additional EHR integrations would require standardizing data across multiple formats. Estimations for an integration project in-house were upwards of two months.

In conversations with the provider system employing athenahealth as its EHR, SOAP Health identified and confirmed a mutual customer for Intely. Thus, the initial workflow and pilot use case was agreed upon.

Integration Workflow:

Function: Create Patient & Appointment in SOAP Health from EMR/EHR

  • Triggered by an appointment or visit event in the EMR/EHR, Intely will receive and send data to create the patient and appointment in the SOAP Health application. Intely will also send additional patient data pulled from the client system.

Function: Send Medical Note from SOAP Health to EMR/EHR (or other provider system)

  • Triggered by a completed visit/questionnaire event by a patient in the SOAP Health application. Intely will receive the medical note and send the data to the EMR/EHR.
SOAP basic workflow Graphic V1

Intely Implementation

After coordinating with the leadership and CIO at the medical practice (mutual customer of SOAP Health and Intely) and gaining authorization into athenahealth, Intely setup the workflow using the no-code builder as seen below. In three business days, Intely had the integration up and running.

“Using Intely for our EHR integration improves the patient/provider experience for SOAP Health. Our team can focus on our application and ensure implementation and adoption success. Not having the headache of integrations and interfaces is fantastic.” – Slone Tarnow | Director of Customer Success | SOAP Health

SOAP Health Integration Workflow V2

Steps for a Successful athena Implementation with Intely

  1. Book a strategy session
  2. Identify Use Case(s) and Connections Needed
  3. Confirm Mutual Customer Together
  4. Execute Pilot Use Case
  5. Leverage Workflow Builder
  6. Enjoy Easy Scaling

Book a strategy session today to see how Intely can help you with your athena integration!

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