A Head-to-Head Comparison: Forms by Intely vs. Microsoft Forms

Daniel Pluard

April 19, 2022
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Creating online forms for your business might seem easy. After all, it doesn’t seem like there is much to it at face value. But if you want to create a high-performing form that actually converts, you need to get everything right. Two tools make creating online forms easier. Here, we compare Forms by Intely VS Microsoft forms and discuss which one is the best way forward. 

What is Forms by Intely? 

Forms by Intely is an online form builder that enables clinicians to create digital forms that are easy to fill out and complete while also allowing them to collect data without adding to the physician’s workflow. Forms by Intely makes it easy for businesses to create engaging online forms that they can use in various clinical and administrative applications. 

Features of Forms by Intely

Here are some of the features of Forms by Intely and how you can use it to display, manage and analyze your form data. 

Easy Navigation 

Forms by Intely uses a drag-and-drop configuration and no-code integration. The users do not need a highly technical skillset for form building. Also, they can create most automation automatically in minutes.  

Form Templates  

Form creators can create custom forms and form templates to send to recipients. These form templates can be pulled from a public library, shared across your organization, and saved for future use. 

Custom Designs & Embedding 

Form creators can create custom forms and templates to send to recipients. These form templates can be pulled from a public library or shared across an organization, making them easy to be re-used again in the future. 

Team Workspaces 

Configure a workspace and invite your team members. The users can share the templates among all contributors to work together more efficiently. 

Integrated Data  

Select how to integrate your forms with the products in your stack to automate workflow. Forms by Intely’ out-of-the-box integrations will allow you to connect your applications with your unique engagement needs. 

What is Microsoft Forms? 

Microsoft Forms is a web-based data gathering tool that can help you create and share forms with others. Using a simple interface, you can easily create quizzes, surveys, or polls for yourself or your peers in just minutes. With Microsoft Forms, creating a form takes less than 10 seconds, and with an easy drag-and-drop interface, you’ll be able to quickly make choices your questions more engaging for those taking the quiz. 

Features of Microsoft Forms 

To learn more about what you can do with Microsoft Forms, here are its unique features: 


Microsoft Forms enables you to publish your surveys and forms in multiple languages. This feature can help increase the response rate of your given survey or form and further enhance the relationship between your company and the recipient. 

Integration With Excel  

The power of Microsoft Forms abilities is its ability to blend with Excel. When you link both applications together, after someone responds to your survey, you will have the results automatically added up in real-time inside an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has been updated to include a list of people who took the survey and their answers without extra work! 

Virtual Math Keyboard 

The standard keyboard set-up is missing characters and symbols you could use for math. Sometimes you need complicated key combinations just to get the job done! But now, Microsoft Forms offers a virtual Math Keyboard, so when you need to write some math equations into your forms, all you have to do is choose the Math option, click on your keyboard icon, and start typing. 

Head-to-head: Forms by Intely VS Microsoft Forms 

Features  Forms By Intely  Microsoft Forms 
Custom Themes     
Website Embedding     
QR Code Launch     
Integrations    Limited to MS Excel 


Microsoft Forms is an excellent alternative to Forms by Intely. Still, since it’s a service hosted by Microsoft instead of independently hosted or privately operated, it isn’t as powerful and versatile as Forms by Intely. However, if all you need is a simple way to gather information or assess your users’ knowledge, then Microsoft Forms would be able to do the trick just fine.  

Microsoft Forms is a relatively new tool that allows you to create forms. Although it’s free, there are some limitations. As Forms automatically syncs the collected data on form completion, using this service in complex surveys could result in data drifting. In addition, it does not support formulas as Excel does; therefore, only Excel-savvy users can be comfortable using it. 

Forms by Intely is a robust online form builder that enables healthcare professionals to create forms without coding experience. Our HIPAA-compliant tools allow businesses to improve engagement, automate data collection and integrate into leading marketing, CRM, and analytics platforms. 

Boost your business by creating seamless engagements between you and your customers. Visit intely.io and schedule an Forms by Intely demo today.  

What is Forms by Intely?

Forms by Intely is an online form builder designed to help clinicians and businesses create digital forms that are easy to fill out and complete. It allows for efficient data collection without adding to the physician’s workflow. Forms by Intely is used for various clinical and administrative applications, offering customizable forms and seamless data integration.

What are the key features of Forms by Intely?

Key features of Forms by Intely include:

  • Easy Navigation: Drag-and-drop configuration and no-code integration.
  • Form Templates: Custom forms and templates can be pulled from a public library or shared within an organization.
  • Custom Designs & Embedding: Ability to create and reuse custom forms and templates.
  • Team Workspaces: Configure workspaces and invite team members for collaborative form creation.
  • Integrated Data: Out-of-the-box integrations with various products to automate workflows.
What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a web-based tool that allows users to create and share forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls. It has a simple interface that enables quick form creation with engaging questions. Microsoft Forms integrates well with Excel, providing real-time data aggregation and analysis.

What are the unique features of Microsoft Forms?

Unique features of Microsoft Forms include:

  • Multi-Language Support: Ability to publish forms in multiple languages to increase response rates.
  • Integration with Excel: Real-time data aggregation in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Virtual Math Keyboard: Provides a virtual keyboard for inserting math equations into forms.
How do Forms by Intely and Microsoft Forms compare?

A head-to-head comparison of Forms by Intely and Microsoft Forms shows:

  • Custom Themes: Both support custom themes.
  • Website Embedding: Both support website embedding.
  • QR Code Launch: Both support QR code launches.
  • Workspaces: Forms by Intely supports workspaces, Microsoft Forms does not.
  • Integrations: Forms by Intely offers broad integrations, while Microsoft Forms is limited to Excel integration.
Which form builder is better for complex surveys and data management?

Forms by Intely is better suited for complex surveys and data management due to its robust integration capabilities, collaborative workspaces, and HIPAA compliance. It offers more powerful and versatile features compared to Microsoft Forms, which is more suitable for simple data collection and basic assessments.

Why should healthcare professionals choose Forms by Intely?

Healthcare professionals should choose Forms by Intely because it is a robust online form builder that does not require coding experience. Its HIPAA-compliant tools allow for improved engagement, automated data collection, and integration with leading marketing, CRM, and analytics platforms, making it ideal for healthcare settings.

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