5 Tips on how to Build and Design the Perfect Contact Form

Daniel Pluard

March 29, 2022
Intely Blog Different Ways to Build the Contact Form

A site contact form plays a significant role in any online business. It is the gateway for your visitors to interact with your business, either to get more information or to contact you for any other purpose. Business owners must have techniques on how to build the contact form. A poorly designed contact form can lead to lost revenue or lost customers.

We have seen many contact forms that are confusing, difficult to use, and lacking in aesthetics. There is a lot that goes into making a contact form. This blog will look at the various aspects of building and designing the perfect one.

First, let us define what a contact form is.

What is a Contact form?

A contact form is a forward-looking approach to engaging with your audience. It invites feedback, input, and discussion that would not otherwise occur.

A contact form is a short, web-based form with fillable fields published on a website. It is usually found on the Contact Us page. It allows visitors to start interacting with your business by inputting their name, email address, maybe a phone number, and their message.

What does a Contact form do?

A contact form collects information from the visitor so that you can communicate easily with them and can send follow-up emails when necessary. It should include at least three essential fields: name, email address, and message.

Contact forms are essential elements on any website. They provide users with an easy way to contact you from their first visit and thus gain insight into whether or not the provided content is relevant for them.

A contact form should have different fields depending on what the particular business needs it for – The more you can find out about your visitors, the better able you will be to accomplish your desired marketing objectives.

You can cultivate leads with contact forms. By collecting visitors’ email addresses and connecting with them on your website, you open up the potential for creating long-lasting relationships that translate into sales over time.

How do I build the best contact form?

Building your contact form is the first step towards collecting your business’s leads to remain successful. Aside from having a place in which potential customers can reach you, a well-designed form will also give you more information needed to find valuable leads. Let’s look at some basics regarding contact forms to help you increase the number of qualified responses you get.

  • Add context

Add descriptions such as “Get in touch with a sales agent” or “Reach out for support” to your contact form so that people know what they can do on this page. You can even build multiple contact forms—one for sales inquiries and one for support questions.

  • Be concise

Context matters, but only the necessary amount. Think of your form as a small sandwich, and the form fields are ingredients. Suppose you put too many ingredients into your sandwich. You might overwhelm your audience! Be selective about your form fields and remove any unnecessary ingredients to get an overall better result.

  • Use the correct type of form fields

Using default text fields for every question you ask in a survey can prevent people from using autofill when filling out forms on your website later. That’s because default questions don’t use the same structure as typical form fields like the first name, last name, email address, etc.

Structured form fields in contact forms ensure that respondents fill out the right areas when providing their details. This way, they are easily recognized by autofill services, which means people don’t have to spend time re-typing their answers because they’re already filled in automatically.

  • Embed your contact form

When you embed your contact form on web pages, you’re making it easier for customers and new prospects to find your details. This is always a plus, as hot leads will keep trickling in when they see how easy getting in touch with you is. It also displays your form right at the spot where people may be interested, so they can take immediate action and fill out the fields required.

  • Make sure your form is mobile-friendly

Presentation is at the heart of virtually every marketing lesson. A responsive design contact form with good copy and inviting images will draw visitors in to read your message and consider what you’re offering. The design itself can feel a little technical because it has to manage many moving parts: different devices, various browsers, varying resolutions, etc., but fear not! We’re here to help ensure that Forms by Intely works great on any platform: laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets, small devices like mobiles phones, or smartwatches–we support them all.


The contact form is one of the essential parts of any website. In today’s world of information, it can be easy to lose contact with important clients and customers.

By following our tips, you will be able to build a form that works for you and that your customers will find easy to use. If you have any questions on building the perfect contact form, visit our website, and let’s connect. We will help you build the best contact form with Forms by Intely!

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