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Solve challenging problems in healthcare through no code data solutions

The intely Mission:

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To make the healthcare ecosystem more connected, and less complicated through pre-built, easy to use integration and workflow automation.

There is a lot of new innovation and technology coming to market in healthcare but it cannot be implemented and adopted well. Despite the rise of technology, we saw how the healthcare industry and market experience information sharing obstacles that prevent full interoperability. Additionally, healthcare data is siloed, inaccessible, and non-standard. Solving problems in this field isn’t an easy task, but it’s what we really are passionate about — that’s why we created intely.

Collectively, the intely team has 65+ years of healthcare technology and software experience. Here at intely, our dedication is matched by our knowledge of the issues that affect this industry and pushes us onwards to create innovative no code data solutions. But we don’t only provide the tools, we also help develop the strategies to support them.

Meet Our Team

“There are incredibly great companies coming to market to solve challenging problems in healthcare…”

…Our mission eliminates the barriers to entry to the healthcare domain and accelerates the digitization of healthcare through no code data solutions.”

Daniel Pluard, Chief Executive Officer

Badar Shaikh

CSO & Co-founder 

Badar is a skilled and seasoned IT professional who has demonstrated a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. As a Six Sigma Green Belt specialist, Badar is an expert in creating processes that adhere to strict standards of quality and efficiency. He has worked with Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, Medhost, and Siemens. 

Daniel Pluard

CEO & Co-founder 

Dan’s practical and pragmatic approach to engineering, product, and business have made him a valuable asset to both his clients and his team. He has led many successful projects that increased user engagement, improved user experience, and increased revenue streams. With his deep understanding of the healthcare domain, Dan is able to work with stakeholders on all levels effectively. 

Jordan Gieselman

Head of Product 

Jordan is in charge of the full product lifecycle — from business requirements analysis and user story creation to market launch and support. His passion for problem-solving, attention to detail, and technical proficiency are combined with an understanding of what it takes to successfully launch no code data solutions into the marketplace. 

Dirk Hekhuis

Chief Architect 

Dirk was a senior software engineer at GetixHealth for more than 12 years. He now works as the chief architect at intely. He is a disciplined and experienced software engineer with an extensive background in the healthcare technology industry. Dirk is a great problem solver, and always makes sure he stays on top of things.


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