Enabling Healthcare to Provide Better Care

and Solve Problems Without Technology

Data Barriers.

We are Intely

The way healthcare is being consumed and delivered is rapidly changing.

The healthcare world loves technology. We hope that it facilitates new and better ways to care and creates future opportunities for innovation and further advancement, Collectively, we implement and use new software and hardware wherever possible.

Unfortunately, the consequence of this trend creates technology ecosystems and solutions that aren’t connected. Setting up standard healthcare interfaces isn’t a straightforward process. We envision an integrated healthcare technology environment that shares data freely. We built Intely to enable and support easy integration for healthcare products so that providers can work more efficiently while providing better patient care.

Intely team
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Where Intely Is Going

Navigating towards future innovations and solutions.

Intely Roadmap

Intely Founded

Quarter 1 of 2022
(Core Platform Release)

Intely was founded in 2022 by Daniel Pluard, Jordan Gieselman and Dirk Hekhuis

Intely Platform Beta Release

Quarter 2 of 2022
(Core Platform Release)


  • Standard Interface Support to Connect to All Major EMRs
  • HL7 v2 Interface Connectors
  • FHIR & JSON API Connectors
  • Integration Workflow Builder v1.0

Intely Platform Full Release

Quarter 3 of 2022
(Core Platform Release)


  • IntelyAPI made GA
  • Data Normalization & Conversion Model
  • Integration Workflow Builder v2.0

SOC2 & HIPAA Type 2 Compliant

Quarter 4 of 2022
(Security & Privacy)

Available in athenaOne Marketplace

Quarter 2 of 2023
(Partner Release)

Additional Platform Modules

Quarter 4 of 2023
(Core Platform Release)


  • Native Healthcare Data Storage
  • Raw/Flat File Integration & Management
  • VPN Management
  • Data Validation Tools

Intely Developer Platform Beta Release

Quarter 2 of 2024
(Core Platform Release)


  • Added API Functionality/Capability
  • Customizable Testing Sandbox

Available in AWS Market-place

Quarter 3 of 2024
(Partner Release)

Intely Developer Platform Full Release

Quarter 4 of 2024
(Core Platform Release)


  • Embeddable UI Components
  • Additional Extensibility Options
  • Intely SDK Beta Release

Available in GCP Marketplace

Quarter 4 of 2024
(Partner Release)

ISO 27001 Certified

Quarter 1 of 2025
(Security & Privacy)

Additional Deployment Options

Quarter 2 of 2025
(Core Platform Release)


  • Available to Install On-Premises or in Private Cloud Environment

AI Enabled Interfaces

Quarter 2 of 2025
(Core Platform Release)


  • AGI/LLM into interface setup and data translation

Our Journey

Intely was founded in 2022 by Daniel Pluard, Jordan Gieselman and Dirk Hekhuis, after experiencing the challenges and pain of healthcare product development and implementation at EMR and Health Technology companies.

Daniel Pluard

CEO & Co-Founder

Jordan Gieselman

Head of Product

Intely Dirk

Dirk Hekhuis

Chief Technology Officer